Good Night Messages in English

Good Night Messages in English

Top 50+ Good Night Messages in English…

After a long tiring day, finally it’s a good night…But before sleeping you might be searching for Good Night Messages in English so that you can wish you dear ones. We features an exclusive collection of some of best selected Good Night Messages in English Language that you can share on WhatsApp, Facebook or Messenger.

Check out Good Night Messages in English below:


Life is fine, when you’re mine,
Time is right, When it is night,
So Good Night !!


Tomorrow brings a whole new light filled with the happiness you deserve…Good Night Dear !!


The sun has sat down and the moon appeared spreading its glittering dim light all over.


->Soft Bed
->Warm Pillow
->Hot blanket
->Sweet Dreams
->Lovely Sleep
Have A Nice Visit 😀😀


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The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time. Coz it is the portion of your life which will never come back. Have a peaceful night !!


Sun is setting and moon is coming on the sky
The little stars shining so bright to say good night !!


On this chill-chill night,
In your dark-dark room,
From your small-small window,
Look at the bright-bright stars,
Wishing you a sweet-sweet dreams.


The only way to a successful tomorrow is to have a good night today..!!


Good Night Messages in English


Sleep, my love. Dream, happy dreams. You’re the only one who has ever touched my heart, it will forever be yours..!!


After the whole busy day, someone sweet is waiting for You….
ITS YOUR BED….it’s the time to get some nice sleep and lovely dreams!!


When the moon is winking at you at night,
I hope exciting and sweet dreams hug you tight,
Hope your day was fabulous,
But now I wish you a good night!


Sun wouldn’t be red,
Sea wouldn’t be blue
I wouldn’t be happy
Without Disturbing you!!!
“Good Night”


I wish moon always be full & bright,
You always be cool & right,
Whenever you go to switch off the light,
Remember that I’m wishing you Good Night…!!


Good Night Messages in English


Life always offers you a second chance. It is called a tomorrow…GN !!


I like the night….Without the dark, we’d never get see the stars..!! Lovely Night


You are gorgeous, glamorous, gracious, generous, genius gentle,
sweet, smart, sweet-natured, soft-hearted girl
Good Night and do not forget to come in my dreams tonight.


Good Night Messages in English for WhatsApp


Everyday starts with some expectations,
But everyday ends with some experience,
And experience teaches us to manage expectations.
Good Night !!


Black sky with sweet solo Moon
with millions of stars brings you
Silent hours to take a nice rest


Good Night Messages in English


Night is a Theater,
Dream is a Movie,
God is the Director,
Nature is the Producer,
You are the Hero…Enjoy the night with Sweet Dreams…!!


Today will soon be yesterday. Tomorrow is a new day. Begin it well !!


Here’s to dreaming about all the romantic things we can do when we meet tomorrow.


Be with those who brings
out the best in you, not the stress in you
Good Night


Good Night Messages in English


There are only one difference between DREAM and AIM.
Dream requires Effortless SLEEP
Aim Requires SLEEPLESS efforts
Sleep for DREAM and Wake up for AIM..!!


I’m sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams,
A blanket of care to comfort you all night and a prayer to protect until morning.
Good night…😀😀


Good Night. Sweet dreams. Take Care and Follow your heart !!


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Always LOVE YOU……………Good Night !!!!


Close your Eyes and Make a WISH,
Sending you my Warm HUG and KISS,
May you SLEEP TIGHT Tonight,


Before I sleep,
I count my blessings instead of problems,
I make sure,
I sleep happy and grateful,
Good night…


A wise man has said that sleep is the best form of meditation..!!


Go to sleep in peace. God is awake.



Good Night Messages in English


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