Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

Birthday Wishes for Sister

Top Birthday Wishes for Sister…

Sister comes next to mother for every boy. She is the one who is there for you in all ups & downs of life and with whom you can share everything. So today on your Sister’s Birthday, you might be looking for the Best Birthday Wishes for Sister then you are at the Right Page. In this Article, you will get Best & Latest 100+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister (Sis) and Happy Birthday Messages for Sister (Sis). We have focused on collecting Sweet, Emotional, Funny and Inspirational Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes for your Sister. Send these Wishes to your Sister on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram and make her feel special on this Day.

We have selected some of the Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister in English only for you. This article contains latest 100+ Handpicked Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes for your Sister. Choose the Wish you like from the Collection below and send it to her on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We regularly update this Page to add more and more latest Birthday Wishes and Messages so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. Please Bookmark our Website Take up Greetings to stay updated.

Check out 100+ Birthday Wishes for Sister below:


I’m making a very special birthday wish to my most amazing friend & a wonderful sister. Happy Birthday.


There’s no comfort anywhere in the world except in the arms of my lovely sister. Wish you a very Happy Birthday my sweet sister!!


I’m the luckiest brother on Earth because I have the best sister! Happy birthday dear!!


Birthdays are always special and when it’s my Sister’s birthday then it’s even more special. Happy Birthday dear Sis. Enjoy your day.


You’re the best sister anyone ever had. And I feel very lucky to have you. It’s your special day. Happy Birthday sister..!!


Best 100+ Birthday Wishes for Sister


To my Sweet Sister – You’re the best sister I could ever dream about. Happy birthday & Stay Blessed.


Though I don’t talk to you every day but you always remain in the deepest core of my heart. Happy Birthday dear Sister.


Often People say that a true friend is really hard to find. But, I don’t have to search for a friend because I have you. Happy birthday to my wonderful sis..!!


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Happy Birthday to my lovely sister. May you get whatever your heart desires and enjoy this special day of yours.


We may fight, argue & annoy each other but you’ll always be my BFF. Love you Sis. Happy birthday.


Birthday Messages for Sister


May God bless you today & always with Love, Peace, Joy & sweet-sweet chocolates. Happy birthday dear..!!


I know I’ll always be there in your big heart even if I make any mistake in my life. Having a sister like you is a blessing. Happy Birthday gorgeous!!


Happy birthday to my beautiful Sister! As always, do some madness on ur birthday & celebrate this special day. Have a great day and year.


Latest Birthday Messages for Sister in English


My sister is sweeter than cake, brighter than a candle & more exciting than a party. I hope ur birthday is the complete package, like you!! Love you Sister.


Wishing you a day filled with Love, happiness, fun and laughter.
Enjoy this special day of your lifeHappy birthday sweet sister.


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Dear Sister, I am really glad to have you & you are such a friend who will love and support me throughout my entire life. Happy Birthday !!


No matter how much we fight, you will always remain my favourite person on the Earth. Happy Birthday sis !!


Birthday Messages for Sister


Sometimes you drive me crazy but still you remain my lovely little sister. Happy birthday, beauty!


Happy Birthday from your brother. My gift to you is pretending that you are actually the favourite child. 😂😂


Dear Sister, I promise to keep all your secrets hidden, to flood you with gifts & surprises and never to miss a chance to make you smile ❤️❤️ Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday Wishes & Quotes for Sis


Today my sister became wiser, more pretty and experienced. I wish you tons of Love and Happiness. Happy birthday Sis.


Sisters are like the flowers from the same garden. I’m so happy to have you dear. Happy Birthday to a Sister from a Sister.


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May your day be filled with lots of Love, Laughter, lovely surprises and superb treats. Happy Birthday dear. Enjoy this Day..!!


Cheers to the Sweetest, Cutest and most Perfect Sister around! Happy Birthday and Stay Blessed!!


Our destiny made us sisters but it’s our compatibility that made us best friend.
Happy Birthday !!


Birthday Messages for Sister


Every single important thing I have learned in life, I learned from you. Happy birthday Sister. Lots of Love.


From one awesome person to another, Happy birthday! 😄 Enjoy your special day, dear sis..!!


You always know how to cheer me up whenever I’m sad & make my day brighter. Happy Birthday to you Sister. Love you..!!


Happy birthday lovely sister. Make this special day memorable by celebrating it with your loved ones. Stay blessed.


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I’m lucky to have a sister like you & ur birthday is one of the happiest moments for me too. All the good wishes for you, the sister of my heart.


Today is the day to celebrate you. After all the fights, you’re still my number one!
Happy Birthday lovely Sister..!!


Nobody can ever give a hug quite like a sister. Thank you for all of the hugs. Happy Birthday to my incredible sister.


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We can be completely different from each other but remember I love you the most. Happy Birthday, my sister!


I wish you to achieve Personal & professional succeess in your life. May god fulfil all your dreams & you get whatever your heart desires. Happy Birthday dear Sister..!!


Birthday Messages for Sister


I know that if I am ever in trouble I can always call you! I love you sis. Have a Great Happy Birthday Sister!! 


No matter what happens in life, never give up on chasing ur dreams. Just Remember that I will be with you in all situations of life. Happy Birthday dear..!!


Brothers & Sisters are God’s blessing, I can not explain how happy I’m to have you as my sister because the only thing crazier than me is my sister. Happy birthday to you !!


Your birthday is more special to me than you because on this day, I got the most precious gift of my life. Happy Birthday dear..!!


Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister in English {Updated}


I have no fear when you hold my hand. You’re the best person I know in the world. Today is your day, so celebrate. Happy birthday sis.


To the coolest person I know, today all you need is to have some fun with all your party people! Happy Birthday dear Sister..!!


I’m the luckiest brother on Earth because I have the best sister..
Happy birthday lovely sis..!!


Out of all the souls floating around in heaven, I am glad that you were the one who turned out to be my sister. Happy birthday cutie..!!


Birthday Wishes for Sister


The Sisterhood we share is something that I’ll miss forever. It was lovely, beautiful & rare. Happy birthday dear.


Someone once said that food, clothes and shelter are all a man’s needs to survive. But I know that a man needs a sister too. Happy Birthday dear.


Birthdays are always special in everyone’s life. But today is a bit more special for you as you have become an adult. Congratulations on your new life. Happy birthday Sister.


I may not be able to cook you a delicious meal or bake you a fancy cake but just know that I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday dear sis.


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May god bless you with life long Happiness and Joy.
Happy birthday dear sister. Stay blessed.


Sisters are God’s way of reassuring mankind that pain exists, but so do healers. Happy birthday to my lovely Sister.


Hey Sis, I’m the luckiest person in the world as I have such a sweet and wonderful sister like you. May ur life be filled with lots of happiness. Happy birthday !!


A sister is a gift to the heart and a friend to the spirit. You taught me the meaning of life. Wishing you a great Birthday.


As your little brother, I can be super annoying. But, It’s just my way of loving you! Happy birthday!!


Birthday Wishes for Sister


God made us sisters by fate. But I think we would’ve been together just like this if we weren’t sisters. I love you dear sis. Happy Birthday.


You are cute, charming, gorgeous, intelligent, kind & honest. I wish you to be always happy. Happy birthday Sister..!!


I wish you a life full of laughs, Joy and Prosperity. You only deserve best in life and may you achieve whatever your heart desires. Happy Birthday dear.


I have got a Friend in a Sister. I can not ask for anything as I have you. I’m blessed to have you in my life as my Sister and Best Friend. Happy birthday sis.


Funny Birthday Wishes for little Sister


Happy Birthday to my Cute Sister. Today is a day to celebrate the lovely person you are. I wish you enjoy every single moment of this Special Day. Stay Blessed..!!


Dear Sister, You’ve enriched my life in too many ways to count. I’m too glad to have a sister who always fills my life with lots of love and laughter. Happy Birthday beautiful.


Happy Birthday to you dear Sister. Stay blessed. I wish you tons of love, laugh and Happiness. Happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes for Sister


To my sweet sister – You’ve brought so much joy into my life & I appreciate you more and more every day. Thank you for everything dear. Happy birthday !!


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You’re the best Sister on this planet and I want you to be happy not for today, not for tomorrow but forever. Happy Birthday Sister.


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Dear Sister, I wish you a great Birthday. May God always bless you and be with you in all times. Today is the day for you to celebrate with full of love, joy and all the good things..!!


Birthday Wishes for Sister


A sister is someone with whom you share all sweet and lovely memories. Thank you sister for sharing all the great memories with me. Happy Birthday Sister & Stay Blessed.


I’m the luckiest brother on Earth because I have the best sister! Happy birthday to my cute Sister.!!


To my beautiful Sister – On your Birthday today, I wish you a very happy & long live life. Happy Birthday.


That’s it Guys…..

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