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Hey, Are you searching for Hate Status for WhatsApp in English. Then you are on the Right Page and you don’t have to go anywhere else. We features an Exclusive Collection of Top 60+ Hate Status for WhatsApp, Hate You Quotes in English and I Hate You Status for WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Love to be alone…Hate to be Lonely…!!


I Hate you Because I Love you, I know You Love Me but your ego stopped You.


There’s always one person that everybody else loves but you HATE…


First you gave me every reason to love you…
Now you have given me every reason to “Hate You” and bring our Love to an end !!


Hate U Status for WhatsApp in English


Really hate it when people tell others to grow up when they obviously need to grow up themselves !!


Hate a Person seriously but never try to love for fun.


I hate the fact that I was in Love with a person wrong..!!


I don’t have your attitude, I have my own….Hate you.


Hate Status


TRUST…..Only a group of five alphabets for me.


I Hate you, and you and you too….Now try and figure out who this status is about !!


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It is better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you are not.


Love me or hate me!! But I’m still me, and nobody can change that.


Best Collection of Hate Quotes in English


If you want me to control my temper, you need to control your stupidity..!!


A little bit of humour mixed with anger never hurt anyone. It is also probably one of the best ways to let out the frustration.


If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate..!!


Hate Status


Pretty words are not always true and True word are not always Pretty !!


I hate the person you are today, but I’m still in love with who you used to be.


No matter how long you know someone, they eventually show their true colors.


Some people will hate you….Some people will love you….And some will secretly wish to be you !!


Hate Status


Hate is a powerful word, i don’t usually use it…but because your special i’ll use it for You !! Hate You.


It’s better to alone than to be with looser.


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Before you hate me, Let me give you a solid reason..!!


No, I don’t hate you, I just hate the things you do and have done.


I hate you with the same amount of passion that I once loved you with..!!


Hate Status


We are never ever getting back together…Never !!


If I treated you how you treated me… Trust me… you would hate me.


A few people say they care and love me, yet I feel like the most hated person on earth.


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People will rate you, hate you, break you and shake you, But how strong you stand is what makes you!


I hate it when people randomly change.


When everyone needed someone i was there for everyone, Now when i need someone there is none..


Hate Status


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