Holi Wishes, Messages and Quotes in English

Holi Wishes

Happy Holi Wishes and Messages…

Holi is the Festival of Colours. It is a popular Festival among people of Hindu Religion. People celebrate this Auspicious day with Love and Fun. On this Festival, send your loved ones Happy Holi Wishes and Messages. We have a Collection of Best 100+ Happy Holi Wishes and Messages in English for WhatsApp. Holi is the time to develop love, care and understanding for each other. So, it’s time now for you all to renew your friendship and to express heartiest love by scribbling a Beautiful Holi message for loved and dear ones.

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Check out 100+ Happy Holi Wishes Collection below:


Celebrating the colours of our lovely relationship, I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life.Have a Happy and colourful Holi !!


May this festival of colors spread joy, wealth, prosperity, celebration in your Life…Wishing you a Happy and Colourful Holi.


I wish you have a Happy, Colourful and Enjoyable Holi. May the colors of happiness fulfil your life’s journey throughout the Life. Happy Holi..!!


Wishing you a Holi filled with beautiful memories and sweet moments to have it for very Long !
Happy Holi to you and your Family !!


Happy Dhulandi Wishes and Messages


May the shines of this Holi brighten ur path towards Unlimited Happiness, Love and Success.
Have a wonderful Holi.


I Wish the festival of Holi illuminate your life and guide u towards the path of success. Happy Holi.


Happy Holi Wishes


May the spirit of Holi brings you Joy..
The gladness of Holi gives you Hope..
The warmth of Holi grant you Cheer..
Happy Holi Dear.


May the balloons of Holi fill your Life with Joy, Cheer, Happiness and Prosperity.
Happy Holi !!


I don’t want much on this Holi…..
All I want is the person reading this to be Happy and Healthy Forever !!
Wishing u a very Happy and Colourful Holi.


May this festival of Holi brings the color of Success, Prosperity and Happiness in your  life !
Wishing you and your Family a very Happy Holi !!


Happy Holi Wishes in English


I just know that i’m thinking about you and wishing that my warm wishes adds up to your CHEER!
Happy Holi !!


Holi is the time to develop understanding and love for each other! Have a Happy and Colorful Holi.


Every color of Holi speaks how beautiful our friendship is..
Happy Holi, my friend !!


A joy of colorful stream….I hope you are in this with me. Wishing u a very Happy Holi.


May God paint the canvas of ur life with the most beautiful colors !
Enjoy this festival of Colors !!
Happy Holi !!!


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Dipped in hues of Love and Trust has come the festival of Holi…Greeting you a very Happy Holi.


Like the colour of range, May this Holi brighten up your Life ! Wishing you Happy Holi !


Wishing you and your family to have a Happy and Prosperous Holi. Happy Holi!


All the colors of Holi remind me of ur smile. I hope u will enjoy this Holi with smile. Happy Holi!


All of us has a child inside and Festivals bring out the child in us. So, let’s celebrate this festival of Colors. Happy Holi !!


Happy Holi Wishes


A beautiful smile and greetings is just enough to express our feelings. Greeting u very Happy Holi.


On this Holi, I’ll put all the colors i have on ur face and praying God to add colors to your life and make it even more beautiful.
Happy Holi, dear friend !!


You’re so beautiful and I wish to apply some colors on your face to make u more beautiful on this Holi. Happy Holi !!


Latest 100+ Happy Holi Wishes for WhatsApp


Have a Wonderful year filled with Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Happiness. Happy Holi!


Though you’re away this Holi but you are always with me in my thoughts. I am thinking about you and looking forward to see you soon. Have a Happy Holi.


Festivals are founders of Love, Joy and Happiness. Friends are the ones who make this day memorable.
Happy Holi, dear friend!!


I’m wishing You and Your Family to have a really Colourful and Joyful Holi. Happy Holi !!


Greeting u and ur family to celebrate the day of colors with lot of Love, Joy and Humour. Happy Holi.


I swear on this Holi that I’ll fill ur life with lots and lots of joy and happiness and make your life Colourful. Happy Holi.


Come on bro…Let’s Rejoice and Play with Colors and make our life Colorful on this day of Colors.
Happy Color Day !!


Holi is not only about Colors….
It reminds us the divine and eternal love of Krishna and Radha !
It reminds us the Victory of Good over the Evil !
And it teaches Truth and Humanity are invincible forces in the Universe !
Wishing u Happyy and Prosperous Holi..!!


Happy Holi Wishes


Let the colours of Holi spread the message of Peace and Happiness in everyone’s Life. Happy Holi.


Holi is a time to reach out with the Colors of Joy.
It is the time to Spread Peace and Happiness.
It is the time to Forgive and express Love.
Happy Holi !!


If Wishes comes in Rainbow Colors, then I would send the brightest one to say you Happy Holi..!!


Happy Holi Messages and Quotes


Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with Sweet moments and memories to cherish for long. Happy Holi.


Red for Love,
Green for Prosperity,
Orange for Success,
And Pink for Happiness, 
May God bless u and ur family with all these colors !
Happy Holi !!


Holi is the day to express Love with colours. It’s a time to show affection. Have a Happy and Colourful Holi..!!


Just like a Red rose that fills the world with beauty and fragrance, You have made my life so beautiful by being in it. On this festival of Holi, I want to say Thank You for all the Love and Smiles you’ve brought to my life..!!


A Loyal and Caring relationship does not need to speak loud, a beautiful Greeting is enough to express the heartiest feelings. Enjoy the festival of Holi with lot of fun..!!


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May God gift you all the colours of life, colours of joy, colours of happiness, colours of friendship, colours of love and all other colours you want to paint in your life. Happy Holi.


From the lanes of Mathura and Vridavan, the colors of Holi have spread all over the country.
These colours carry the message of Love, Brotherhood and Truth.
Have a Happy and Colourful Holi..!!


Let this festival of Colours eliminate all negativity and bring Positivity and Life in your life.
Have a Happy Holi and Celebrate it with vibrant colours..!!


Holi Wishes, Messages, SMS and Quotes


Auspicious Red..
Sun kissed Gold..
Soothing Silver..
Pretty Purple..
Blissful Blue..
Forever Green..
I wish u and ur family the most colourful Holi..!!


A true and caring relation doesn’t have to speak loud, a soft sms is just enough to express the heartiest feelings. Enjoy the festival of Holi with lot of fun.


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May God gift you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors you want to paint your life. Happy Holi.!!


Celebrating the colors of our beautiful relationship….I wish u and ur family all the bright hues of life. Have a Happy and Colourful Holi.


Holi is Here…Pinch of Red and a pinch of green, Joyful colors all are seen, with love & with happiness. Wishes of Holi all I mean, Wishing u a colourful, joyful and loaded with happiness.


May u have the most blessed and Joyous Holi than you ever had,
May it be filled with lots of fun, joy and love,
And May u be as colorful as the festival itself and even more.
Happy Holi to you..!!


With My….
1 Heart,
2 Eyes,
5 Liter Blood,
206 Bones,
4.5 Million Red Cells,
60 Trilling DNA,
Wishing you a very, very and very Happy Holi..!!


Holi Images


Today we are quite far away but this distance never mattered to us for anything. Today I want to wish u in a special way so go in front of mirror and apply colors on your face and I will do the same..Happy Holi !!


I wish you Good Health, Achievements, Peace and Prosperity and may God bless u & ur family with lots of love and happiness. Happy Holi.


Moments of Holi are to be celebrated together so that the memories can be relished later.
These are the memories i wish to live with forever.
Have a Wonderful and Colourful Happy Holi forever..!!


Top 100+ Happy Holi Wishes for Friends and Family


Festivals are founders of life and the Holi is the best exponent of it. So, enjoy the festival of colours with water. Happy Holi!


I Wish and hope that this Holi brings in Good Fortune and Abounding Happiness for you! Happy and Colourful Holi..!!


May the spirit of Holi brings you Joy,
The gladness of Holi gives you Hope,
The warmth of Holi grant you Cheer,
Happy & Colorful Holi, my Friend..!!


Celebrating the colors of our beautiful relationship….I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life.
Happy Holi.


Holi Wishes


Best wishes to u for a Holi filled with Love and Sweet Memories to cherish for long. Happy Holi dear !!
Enjoy this Festival of Colours !!


May God gift you all the colours of Life, Joy, Happiness, Friendship, Love and all other colours you want to make your life even more beautiful. Happy Holi. 


Dhulandi Wishes (Holi Wishes) in English for WhatsApp


I Wish on this Holi Festival,
You even had more colours in your life,
And you enjoyed them at their brightest shade..
I wish you that even after the HOLI,
Those colours be there in your life forever create a beautiful world around you.
Happy Holi..!!


You bought thousands of colours in my life. Thank you for being always with me. Wishing you a Happy and colourful Holi.


On this Festival of Colors, I’ll put all the colours i have on ur face and praying God to add colors to your life and make it even more beautiful.
Happy Holi !!


Bright colours, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wishing u a very Happy Holi.


Even though I am far away from you on the happy occasion of Holi, all my thoughts and good wishes are with you. Have a Happy and wonderful Holi..!!


That’s it Guys…..

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